How to Create a Gorgeous Wedding Website in 7 Steps

Thinking about entering the wedding website development business? If you as an agency plan to focus on this niche, there are a few things you need to focus on in order to leave your clients in awe and create an absolutely stunning wedding website that will help both the happy couple and their guests a great deal in the entire wedding process.

Right off the bat, let’s get honest here and say that some young couples who want to get married will say that these platforms can be rather unnecessary, but once they realize that it doubles as a great online resource for their guests’ needs and having such a centralized platform for sharing all the necessary info, details, and content is a great option to simplify at least some of the work that goes into a full-blown wedding.

In this article, we will focus on some of the features you as an agency should focus on when it comes to designing the best wedding website that will capture the attention of not just your clients (the couples themselves) but will leave a profound effect on the gusts as well.

Finding The Perfect Platform

If you want something that’s more or less uniform, you can create your own custom template that you can always use as a wireframe for your “standard” projects which allow for fast and effective development.

On the other hand, when the couple is clear about their needs and has the budget to back it up, going fully custom and building everything from scratch could also be a great option as your developers and designers will face a truly unique and exciting challenge, while your clients will have the time of their lives while helping you create their dream wedding website.

All in all, it’s on your agency to decide which approach you take, however, having different development and design practices in store for different budgets would mean that you can serve a larger customer base.

Customizing the Design

Based on their needs and preferences, you can have your designers create custom wedding logos and other handy features that accentuate the importance of the happy occasion even more.

Be thorough when customizing. Personalize even the text, with the full event details, and the rest of the content from how the couple met to interesting fun facts and other “trivia”. Look for the fonts that best complement the overall design idea, but make sure that it’s still clear and readable. Also, make sure the photos and visuals of the happy couple are of great quality. Here, you can be really creative. Let your clients know that they don’t have to use the “traditional stuff” like engagement photos to create their design. Instead, they can use other content as well (like photos from one of their exciting adventures together).

Imperia Lake Union. Design by: PopArt Studio

Sharing Necessary Details

Online Invites and Tracking RSVPs

So, to take the weight off their shoulders, install (or develop) a handy invite and tracking tool that helps them manage their guest list with ease. You can get creative with the features and use tools that automatically collect RSVP responses and organize the info for the couple. Better yet, install a tool that supports several RSVP options, enabling the guests to do it via email or directly on the site.

Lilla Wedding Dress Studio. Design by: PopArt Studio

The couple may also plan several events around the big day, like a bridal shower, wedding rehearsal, family toast, and so on — a good tool will enable them to schedule them and keep track of them separately.

Privacy and Exclusivity

Don’t forget the Extras

Create and Preserve Memories

Here are a few ideas on how you can turn the site into a great time capsule for your clients:

The Takeaway

Originally published at on May 25, 2021.

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