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Google Full Coverage News —

The news is out: longer-running news items now may be surfaced more often for specific queries in Google Search.

Google made the announcement a while back ago. According to it, the company’s bringing the “Full Coverage” option that will be available in Google News in the search engine. The company is bringing Full Coverage as an option for those who want to explore all expects of a story, discovering a variety of perspectives.

So, but what is actually Full Coverage? First, Google introduced this feature in Google News and Google I/O, the company’s well-known developer conference. At the time, experts described the feature as an option that offers a wide array of different sources and perspectives on a given topic. Google, on the other hand, says that Full Coverage is a “360-degree real-time view” of the latest topics, stories, and news.

Oh yes, and there’s also one more important thing: The feed with Full Coverage on isn’t personalized, meaning, everybody sees the same exact content. Google deems Full Coverage the “most powerful feature of the app”.

So, when will it be available? Is it available? For English and US results, some users might already be able to see Full Coverage as an option in their browser.

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As Google promised, when searching for news regarding a timely topic, users will see a distinctive article carousel at the top of Search results highlighting the most relevant stories. Also, users can tap into the Full Coverage page itself after managing to scroll to the end of the story carousel, or by selecting “More news on…” right below, if they want to track big, developing stories.

Also, Google stated that the feature uses the BERT language model to power most of the Full Coverage content. Allegedly, it’s for fact checking-purposes, so that users could evade hoaxes and fabricated news.

On another note, old-timer users might even remember the term “full coverage” relating to Google. Actually, it was a feature used in Google, back in 2009, but it’s not the same full coverage as this comprehensive news-browsing option. Back then, it was a bit of an elaboration of the different stories, bringing more information to the reader/user,

With the new option, Google aims to introduce new tech that is able to detect long-running news stories that span for days or weeks and even months like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. After organizing the Full Coverage page, users will find it easier to find top stories and additional content that would help everyone find something valuable and helpful to better understands these complex stories.

Lastly, full coverage may be able to surface online content in different ways. More precisely, not just in Google News but also through Google Search. It’s still more or less rolling out widely on a global scale, however, it’s smart to take it into consideration, especially for site owners in the news industry. If they experience traffic changes, there’s a chance that Full Coverage might be the culprit behind it.

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