Imagine the situation where a person has an unbearable headache and need a doctor immediately. Maybe our patient or some of the surrounding people will call the ambulance or look for a practitioner on duty on Google. Let us say that Google is the first choice. What is the most important thing for a helpless patient? We should put ourselves in its position. The most important values for a medical website will be introduced below:


The three main and decisive values that a doctor’s website needs to possess are visibility, responsiveness, and trustfulness. These terms are in symbiotic connections and implementing those features could have huge impact on searching results. The information that proves these statements will unambiguously confirm how small components have a huge influence on the complete web page.


Visibility is a category that depends on responsive web design (RWD) and a secure sockets layer (SSL). We will assume that you have an ideal optimized website with a huge amount of quality and valuable content. Because of little things that make the difference in every success, building a website with RWD and SSL will be for sure the most fruitful benefit for both sides (for patients and doctors). Installing those functions inside the web page will amplify numerous patients that believe in your online presence, your expertise, and your effectiveness. It will ensure continual multiplying of good recommendations.


Responsive web design or RWD represents a feature of an online page. The main goal of RWD is to detect and follow changes of a screen according to a user device and keep the complete page to stay eye-catchy with optimal composition and simplicity. Absolutely, next facts really matter:

Once your web page loads, users create a decision in .05 seconds. 47% of visitors expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. 39% of visitors will stop interacting with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load (Source:

Relying on these tremendous facts, our page needs to fuse simplicity and speed together. Emergencies are a reality in the basic daily work of doctors so these things will play a big role in saving patient’s lives. The main challenge for web developers and designers will be the development of accurate online systems and visuals which provide responses on literally one click or voice sound so the urgent intervention will not delay. Now when we have speed and visibility what about trustfulness. Every patient needs to feel safe and the ethical part of medicine presents a huge and unavoidable fragment of our online presence. In order to accomplish some dose of certainty, our web page needs the feature called SSL or secure sockets layer that will be described in the following title and its significance is not negligible at all.


SSL or secure sockets layer represents the method of protection to your web place. This protection uses automatic encryption for any information receiving from the site to the host’s server. For the reason that the medical websites deal with a bunch of entrusting data, the web page is always on target by malicious hackers who want to extort big medical companies for their criminal interests. In addition to its own encryption system, this SSL is recognizable as the small lock icon in most browsers close next to the web address, near “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”. This represents strong trustfulness and credibility by visitors. As we mentioned before how short is the attention span of our visitor, we can easily conclude how it is important to have this tiny signifier.


Considering the fact that sureness is a very strong factor in making the decision, for sure it is important to take care of the Certificate Authority. It brings the awareness of a credible brand of a clinic, with a great amount of power in resolving health problems and curing diseases. The return of investment that provides SSL is absolutely unspeakable because of argued references mentioned before. Today the market has tectonic changes and the focus of people are minimized on a level where one “fish has more attention span than human beings”. Therefore, being proactive in implementing new standards will produce an excellent basis for a medical business. Mobile-friendly design can be priceless helpful when our patient needs to take action immediately and find definitive health service. There are many mobile devices, so it appears as a huge necessity to establish a faster connection between doctors and patients with a memorable interface for web visitors. On the other side imagine that the medical website is a supplier with an e-commerce business model. The financial aspect matters so much in this situation. Visualize that your ID and payment pieces of information are stored in some unreliable server where everyone can manipulate with private data and use that as a fraud key point. These potential problems are huge, so preventing these proven circumstances will absolutely engrave as trustful with strong security. In every business, entrepreneurs (in this case doctors) should always think about two concepts when trying to distribute their service or products online. The first is the “attacking” concept with a responsive, mobile-friendly design that allows virality and attendance of the website, and the second but not the least aspect will declare as “defensive” concept where SSL takes the lead role in protection. When the declared concepts are harmonized, there are not the only homeostasis in patient’s minds, there is also a true improvement on the medical website base so that the website can be named as healthy with the power of trust and reliability.


This story had a tendency to encourage doctors to seriously consider these facts and motivate them to make the first step, always the toughest one. Today patients are surrounded by billions of unhealthy offers, unreliable health services, and manipulative health gurus. Places, where are huge consumption of these malign products, should be exposed by the right valuable people. The world is changing on a daily basis, as a result, a qualified medical website should understand as a business portfolio that enables the chance to emphasis your knowledge and expertise to the right person, at the correct momentum, and with authentic certainty. An ethical concept can be recognized through the world of the Internet and its huge strength to spread information, so it ought to be the main obligation of today’s medical staff to respect the nature of the web and actively participate in disclosure of the misinformation about health. With the intention of raising awareness about the responsive and secure healthcare system, there is a need to comply with the technical requirements of the website, and hiring the right web developers and designers could be priceless value for the whole of humanity. Only by opposing the commercial enemies of health and giving adequate responses will result in a huge amount of impact on knowings about healthcare and its importance.




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PopArt is a full-service digital agency which provides you with graphic & web design, development, and marketing solutions.

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