A beginner’s guide to Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business login page.

Benefits of My Business

  • Customers will be able to find you directly via Google Search and Maps
  • When you connect your site with My Business profile, your customers can learn more about your business
  • Searchers will know what your website is
  • They learn what your working hours are
  • They can contact you directly via website or email
  • They can call you when you are at the office
  • They can see your company’s pictures and see what’s so unique about you
  • No matter if they loved your service (or hated it, but we hope they did not), they can leave a public review of your company which will do the talking for you
  • Only until recently, searchers are able to see a virtual tour of your business — of course, if you include a 360-degree photo of your office.

How to create a My Business profile for your company?

You need to fill in all the information in order for your profile to be 100 % updated.



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