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One of the most important dates in the world’s social calendar is almost here. International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th, marks women’s fight for rights, freedom, and equality. It’s also a great opportunity for artists worldwide to showcase their talent and creativity through illustrations dedicated to Women’s Day.

If you’re lacking inspiration for your work, or simply wish to enjoy stunning and innovative designs, we present you with 10 best March 8th illustrations. From homages to women of greatness, empowering messages, to highlighting female uniqueness and social issues, these 10 illustrations are guarantee to spark your imagination and get you working.

Top 10 International Women’s Day illustrations

Frida’s Atelier. Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/6144393-Frida-s-Atelier

International Women’s Day is as much about women, as it is about the woman. So, if you’re jaded by the repetitiveness of celebratory expressions — simply omit them. Rather, mark the occasion with a design dedicated to a remarkable woman, whose noteworthy accomplishments left an indelible mark in history.

Bárbara Niño’s illustration of Frida Kahlo in her atelier is a great homage to the famous artist and an excellent way to step away from sometimes generic Women’s Day celebrations. Besides the original approach to the topic, this vector illustration incorporates warm colors, wavy lines, and plenty of details pointing to Frida’s work, life, and legacy.

International Women’s Day. Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/4320078-International-Women-s-Day

Jane Fonda left a mark in the feminist movement and was one of the loudest voices against political oppression. That’s why the illustration’s artist, Julian S Baker, found inspiration in the famous actress.

The design’s main element is Fonda’s iconic 1970 mug shot, an epitome of female civil rights activism. The illustration is a great example of combining photography and graphic elements, but also how modern design can draw inspiration from the past times.

International Women’s Day. Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/6147033-International-Women-s-Day

Martine Lindstrøm’s International Women’s Day illustration is truly one of a kind. Its power lies in going back to the roots of this date — fighting for equality in rights, status, possibilities, and freedom.

The secret of success of her design lies in vibrant and eye-catchy red and pink, whereas the large, bold typography effortlessly does the job of captivating the viewers’ attention. However, it’s the seamless combination of playful imagery and vivid colors with short, powerful messages regarding issues and problems women around the world face daily that really makes the case for this illustration.

March 8. Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/4835091-March-8

Versatility is Lerok Naumova’s International Women’s Day illustration theme. Once again, the illustration is implicit in marking the specific date. Rather, it stands for a celebration of female diversity, equality, and freedom.

The hand-drawn, colorful, and playful illustration resonates with all women across the world, regardless of their skin color, hairstyle, body shape, clothing, affinities.

Happy Women’s Day. Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/4315622-happy-women-s-day

It’s International Women’s Day, so dedicate your design to all women, human and non-human alike. The Andranik’s illustration is a truly simple and cute celebration of the 8 thof March. The monochromatic design allows focusing on the two squirrels and the romantic moment between them.

Although the date is mentioned per se in the illustrations itself, it’s delicately included, leaving the space for viewers to focus on the more important design’s elements and message.

International Women’s Day. Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/4317288-International-Women-S-Day

That sometimes less is more proves Julia Packan’s illustration dedicated to the International Women’s Day. The vector-styled, minimalistic, pastel-colored design represents a woman holding a child, depicting probably the world’s most important job — that of being a mother.

Once again, there’s no explicit mention of the 8 thof March. In fact, this design celebrates the role women have every day, rather than only on that specific date.

Women’s Day Postcard. Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/6133333-Women-s-Day-Postcard

The colorful, flowery design by Mr. Marynoff is a subtle nod to the 8 thof March. Refined lines, complementary color palette, and the number 8 smoothly blended into the illustration of a house make this cartoon-styled design one for the books.

Glass ceiling by PopArt Studio

The 8th of March is an excellent opportunity to remind ourselves of the still present inequality between men and women in the domain of the workforce. Lower salaries, difficulty in receiving promotions, and gaining executive rankings are frequent problems women face in their working environment.

Therefore, our illustration for the Smashing Magazine’s monthly calendar depicts the concept of the glass ceiling. The term is coined as a metaphor for an invisible barrier blocking women from advancing in the business hierarchy.

The monochromatic and minimalistic design depicts a woman whose reflection is seen in the glass ceiling above. For many women, it marks the final stop in their career advancements.

St. Peterburg Feminism. Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/6157153-St-Petersburg-Feminism

Maria Kotyshova reimagined the monument of the Bronze Horseman, depicting Russian emperor Peter the Great. The Saint Petersburg’s Senate Square commemorates the city’s founder. Yet, the illustration’s artist envisioned a woman taking Peter the Great’s place in this illustration for the International Women’s Day.

The hand-drawn, pastel-colored illustration sends a dual, powerful message. On one hand, it’s a testament to women’s obscured role in history. On the other, it’s a demonstration of the small, everyday victories women achieve in their fight for equality.

Happy Women’s Day. Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/2574668-Happy-Women-s-Day

With all the fighting for rights, equality, and freedom, not to mention cooking, cleaning, and a 40 hour-working week, women get tired. So, what better day to spoil yourself than on the worldwide celebration of women?

Sandeep Virk’s illustration is a humorous and playful March 8th celebration. Moreover, it’s a rather different take on Women’s Day — rather than shining spotlight on the negative aspects of being a woman in contemporary society, it celebrates embracing the womanhood and all the perks of being one.

To sum up

International Women’s Day is much more than colorful bouquets, shiny jewelry, and fancy dinners. And the illustrations we’ve presented prove going back to the true values of March the 8th celebration.

Their power lies in their subtlety, so if you’re a designer wanting to create an amazing Women’s Day illustration — aim for conveying an empowering message. Besides, vivid colors, especially ‘feminine’ ones, such as red, pink, and magenta can make your design stand out among the crowd.

In the end, Women’s Day should less be about the day itself, and more about focusing on women. Therefore, let your imagination run wild. Celebrate your female idol, the beauty of diversity, or endeavor for equality. So, if putting “Happy Women’s Day” on your illustration seems too generic — follow the steps of these artists who took a different course in showcasing what the 8 thof March really is about.

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