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So, what is FLoC and how will it affect the digital world? As you may know, advertisers have anticipated the eventual ditching of third-party cookies for a long time now but weren’t really sure about how it will happen and what the new era will bring. Now, that the industry leader supports the replacement process, everybody is eager to see how things will play out.

Google has put FLoC directly between users. The tech enables ad selection without sharing browsing data and other valuable info of individual users (who have become more and more irritated by the fact that their…

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Well, this is true for several reasons. Your content is pretty much the bread and butter of what you have to offer to your audience.

And as such, you have to make sure that the way you’re researching, creating, and publishing content is up-to-date keeping your prospects, customers, and general audience engaged so when they’re ready to pull the trigger on a service or product such as yours, they won’t hesitate and will reach out to you.

To keep being ahead of the curb, you need to have a smart content strategy. In this blog entry, we will aim to…

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However, when it comes to the average internet user, chances are, they will look at the first page of Google and rarely go beyond that. Now you’re thinking: you just simply have to push your content on the first page of Google and your audience will flock to your website.

That’s pretty much true. However, it’s also something that’s easier said than done.

In the world of SEO or search engine optimization, there’s a myriad of different techniques that all work together to place you on that prestigious first page, providing you with more visibility, improved traffic, and overall, better…

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And even though we use this digital gift day in and day out, not all of us understand how stuff actually works in the digital realm. Probably, we all heard about terms such as website, browser, and web services, but most of us pretty much struggle to give an actual definition when it comes to explaining what these things are and how they work.

As such, in this article we will explore the term “web app” and everything there’s to know about it.

The Definition

In short, a web app (or application) can be defined as an application program that is usually…

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If you’ve been running Facebook ads and haven’t been using FB Pixel, let us tell you that you haven’t been getting the most out of your social campaigns.

Why? Because this data-gathering tool enables you to reap all the benefits social media advertising has to offer, everything from refining, tracking, and targeting with better precision.

That being said, if you’re already using ads on Facebook or Instagram, and haven’t been using Pixel, now it’s time to learn about how this handy little tool works.

What Is FB Pixel?

Before we dive into things, it’s probably a good idea to say a few words about…

How to Search Google Like a Pro — PopWebDesign.net

Over the years, Google has become a prominent force in the search engine market and became the default engine on most devices. It has become a mainstay in the everyday toolbox of most users who use it to find products, services, music, lyrics, scientific data, or just random facts scattered all around the digital realm.

Ever since its initial launch, Google wanted to be a very easy tool to use. Just look at the home page: you only have a single field and a button to get you started. And it works marvelously. …

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In order to make all that happen with one package, proper business card design preparations are paramount. You want to make a positive first impression with these small, pocket-sized billboards that has all the necessary info about your business (or yourself).

Simply put, a great business card is a crucial part of the branding and a must for every serious business or entrepreneur who wants to keep sailing afloat in this sea of marketing with stiff competition.

As such, this guide will focus on every vital aspect of business card design so if you need to come up with an…

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So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to brainstorm some explainer video ideas.

But first, let’s unravel what hides underneath the term animated explainer.

What Is An Animated Explainer?

The animated explainer is a short, cartoon or illustrated video that uses a captivating narrative and its main characters to describe ideas in an engaging and entertaining way. It’s usually used to present instructions on technical and complicated concepts.

Animated content is not reserved for complicated ideas, however. It’s also a valuable marketing tool that any brand can use to break down boring topics into digestible chunks of amusing information.

Video explainers use persuasive storytelling…

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After messing around with your metrics and insights, you came to the conclusion that it’s time to go international? You’ve realized that a fair share of your site visitors come from a different country than your own and/or speak another language then it might be the right time to make the next logical move and cater to the needs of your international visitors.

How should you go about that, you ask?

Well, one rock-solid strategy is to start with international SEO.

What’s that, you ask, and where do you start with that?

In this article, we’ll exactly answer those questions.

International SEO

Coffee Packaging Design — PopWebDesign.net

Let’s be honest for a second and admit it: we all want our daily fixes of caffeine first thing in the morning. And as we don’t give that much thought to it in the morning when we finally make it to the kitchen, we kind of have the same strategy when wandering through the supermarket aisles. We don’t really make much of it, we either just grab the brand we’re already familiar with or grab the one with the most intriguing package design.

And it makes perfect sense. We can’t really smell nor taste the coffee itself, so we use…

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