eCommerce Trends 2021 —

Without a doubt, 2020 left its mark on the digital landscape. At the earliest stages of the COVID19 outbreak, digital experts contemplated whether the screeching global economic halt would have rather harsh implications on the digital realm or the global lockdowns will serve as a jumping board to reach new heights in the world of internet marketing.

While some will argue whether 2020 was a blooming year across the board for digital marketing or not, the numbers speak for themselves. In 2020, eCommerce sales grew by around 30% due to the unprecedented buyer demand that suddenly came with the pandemic.

Web Design Tools for 2021 —

In the world of web design, things often change at a rapid pace. This can be a good thing, but can also somewhat be a curse, because our digital toolbox may become obsolete in just a couple of months, even though we’ve just updated it less than a year ago.

To keep up with the rapidly changing trends of web design (or with life in general, for that matter), one should always be alert for the latest trends but at the same time, step back a little every now and then to see what’s actually happening in the world, and…

Software Development Business —

If we say that software is ruling the world right now, we wouldn’t be making an understatement. Just take a closer look at it. No matter where you turn, chances are, the all-consuming digital transformation is there in one form or another. Companies move together with trends, as it’s the only way to remain relevant.

Automating processes and leaving the legwork to intelligent software solutions make running not just reoccurring tasks easier, but the entire management of the business can be more aligned and straightforward. Digitization has managed to gain ground in virtually every industry and niche, from bookstores to…

Java Script Tips —

Ask any backend or frontend software engineer, and most of them will tell you, that a large part of their professional life is basically spent debugging, monitoring, and troubleshooting the apps they’ve created. It’s not that all of them are bad experts and constantly need to keep a watchful eye on their creations.

Software development as it is builds on the premise that software will fail. That being said, the basic difference between a greenhorn developer and an experienced one is how they prepare and plan for said failures.

One effective way to prepare for everything is continuous logging. It…

Digital Marketing Events in 2021 —

Without a doubt, last year managed to teach us a few valuable lessons. For starters, we shouldn’t take everything for granted as even our most mundane routines can get thrown out of the window in the blink of an eye.

However, we probably shouldn’t get so grim and philosophical. The future is changing, everyday life slowed down a bit, however, the digital world is as quick-paced as it was before the pandemic.

True, there were a few hiccups here and there but generally, nothing managed to bring the online sphere out of balance and it even seems that the digital…

Web Design Events in 2021 —

It’s kind of tiring to say that 2020 was hard on all of us, however, it’s still true. Last year made it almost impossible to visit conferences and other larger industry events, may they focus on digital marketing, web development, design, entrepreneurship, and so on…

Let’s just say that things got messed up last year pretty bad, and let’s hope that 2021 will be at least a bit different.

If there’s one thing we missed in the industry, those were conferences. These events serve as a great way to learn, establish new business connections, enable us to do a bit…

Lead Generation for CMS —

Let’s face it, building a website isn’t an easy task. Not just because one has to know the basic principles of web development and market trends. Also, you have a myriad of alternatives at your fingertips, different frameworks to choose from, different options for content management, payment gateways and literally every feature has an abundance of solutions, and you, a business owner or the head of an enterprise’s development team, know which ingredients to pick to cook up the perfect digital potion that will manage to enchant your target audience.

When you have the time to do the research, then…

Tips for Cloud-Based Development —

As the number of apps that migrate to the cloud grows constantly, it’s quite normal for developers to ride the wave and look deeper into the trends, not to mention, for site owners who want to reap the befits of cloud software. For business owners, having a cloud-based app can lead to significant cost reduction when it comes to equipment and overall site performance. Cloud-based solutions are also easier to scale meaning that the business that uses this base for its online presence has more opportunities to grow and to excel.

“The Cloud” as a phenomenon is becoming more and…

Nuxt.js —

Sometimes, you find yourself facing a specific problem and you feel like you’re the only one stuck in this rut as you’re becoming so desperate to find a proper solution for the issue that you’ve even dared to look on the fifth page of Google.

Now, that’s a Problem with a capital P.

One of these issues can be finding the best hosting option for a Nuxt.js SSR/Universal mode project. Especially, if it’s a small project, and you think that buying a server for it would be too much. …

It Startup Website —

Whether it’s IT, a clothing brand, nutritional supplements, or heck, even plumbing services, you know that it’s no longer feasible to run a proper business without having a solid web presence. People flock to the world wide web to research services, products, consume news, content, and even check brick-and-mortar store operating hours.

Having a website has become a must for nearly all different business types and IT companies are especially among those firms whose online presence is a truly crucial element to their success in their respective industry. Why? Well, think about an SEO company without a website. …

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